Kärcher HDS-C 8/15 E Stainless steel

Stationary hot water high-pressure cleaner with stainless steel cabinet and electrically-powered water heater.

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Product Description

The HDS-C 8/15 stationary pressure washer offers all the benefits of the mobile HDS pressure cleaners whilst housing them within a robust, ergonomic cabinet. This provides several advantages, including protection against the environment, vandalism and theft. There is also a lockable operation panel to prevent unauthorised use. Operation is straight forward. A single switch enables the user to easily select the correct programme. During the cleaning process there is also a visual display that notifies the user of the current operating status. The HDS-C 8/15 features a 4-pole motor and 3-phase power supply as well as an electronic water heater for safe forecourt use.

Additional Information

Dimensions 1040 x 727 x 1360 mm
Power Rating (kW)


Operating Pressure (bar/MPa)


Current type (Ph/V/Hz)


Water Heating System


Water Throughput (l/h)